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ADWC Logo-01Arabian Development World Company100% Saudi company

has started its activity as an individual institution and the development of the work of the institution. As a result of this development, the legal form was changed to Arab Development Company with limited liability.

Board of Directors

The company has adopted the policy and strategy of dividing the work within the company into sectors that are linked by organizational structure that takes responsibility and interconnection between the departments of the company with administrative governance and is characterized in the implementation of the business in order to optimize the performance and get rid of administrative bureaucracy and organization of work and evaluation through production and performance level and achievement of goals and in return incentive to achievement And profits on the basis that the individual partner in the work and not a user, which is returned to the company and its employees thanks to success and prosperity and continuity.

The success story reached by the company does not stop at this point it pursues an ambitious policy without borders and work in various fields of production and service that contribute to achieving the comprehensive renaissance of the nation in various economic, social and developmental fields and contribute and eliminate unemployment and fight poverty through investment in major projects and provide Employment opportunities for Saudi labor and training and rehabilitation to be able to produce and contribute to the construction and development as one of the most important principles and principles of corporate social responsibility.


Providing the best and finest types of goods and services at competitive prices and suitable for all and harness all our possibilities to satisfy the customer.

The Message

Serving the homeland and citizens with all honesty and sincerity and building a trade name that has a strong impact and meaning in development.

Our Corporate Excellence

We are not the best but we are trying to be the best. Our branches are distributed throughout Riyadh. Making it easier to deliver to customers' websites as quickly and easily as possible. The company has a fleet of (Dinat, half transport, full transport, skips, cranes ...) The company also has the potential to transport goods outside the capital and to all the cities of Saudi Arabia.


Increase revenues and profits
Achieving continuous tigers and diversifying sources of income.
Excellence in project implementation and customer service.
Developing and marketing the company's identity and image locally and externally.
Attract and develop the best human competencies.
Create an ideal working environment.
Commitment to community development and social development.

Our Value

Integrity and honesty

The company is keen to communicate with all relevant parties with integrity and integrity. The company is aware that adherence to the values ​​of integrity has resulted in attracting the trust and appreciation of consumers and maintaining the reputation of the company over the decades.

Transparency and confidence

The company believes in the importance of disclosing all core news and enhancing the level of accountability in the success of any company or organization. The company is committed to launching high quality products quickly and in a timely manner, in addition to developing protocols to record all stages of production accurately in order to maintain performance according to the highest production standards And ensure the delivery of high quality products.


The company is keen to recruit employees with unique skills and ability to overcome challenges and different circumstances. The company has established an integrated system of supply chain, supply and management systems to enable employees to work collectively and consistently, in the belief that the successes achieved since its inception are mainly due to efforts Common to the task forces.

Upgrading quality

The company was established with the aim of contributing to the improvement of consumers' lives by providing them with high quality products, which in turn has resulted in increased customer loyalty and thus the growth of the consumer public to become the preferred brand. Against this background, the company continues to invest in improving quality control standards in parallel with the development of its product range.

Commitment to social and environmental

The company believes that the contribution to improving the lives of consumers begins with the process of obtaining raw materials and other production requirements in order to provide them with high quality products.

Our Principles

The company has set several principles on which to deal with all employees at home or between the group as a whole and customers abroad:

Participation inside ... and competition abroad.
Focus on results rather than activities.
Initiative and not follow.
Organized thought ... and implementation without errors.
Everyone seeks to achieve the best.
Diversity and innovation of differentiation and differentiation from others.

Human Resources

The company is interested in human resources development, it has employees with a high degree of competence, knowledge and accumulated experience. The company is also interested in training and works to train and develop cadres according to programs and training courses.

Movements Fleet

The company has a fleet of engines ranging from dines, cranes, trucks and tractors, and customer orders are executed as soon as possible.

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